Now streaming: Workflow Design (BPMN) Tutorial

Have you ever heard of BPMN, sequence flows, events or tasks?

Learning a new topic is hard and learning a topic that uses words like BPMN, sequence flows, events or tasks might seem daunting.


There is no right or wrong way to learn and different people tackle a new subject in different ways!


Most information you will find on learning how to design workflows will probably be in a book or long and complicated blog posts. And while we don’t want to undermine the importance of books and really good blogs – like this one ;), we’ve noticed that most of our users prefer learning about workflows by having someone explain the topic to them.


Now we can’t talk to each and every one of you in person, but we’re very excited to announce our new video series for absolute workflow beginners!


This series will cover everything you need to know in order to get started with designing and improving your workflows.


Watch the first video now and subscribe to our channel to stay updated about the next videos.

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Don’t just watch the video! Consolidate your knowledge by designing along!

Roxy Morris

Product Marketing Manager for Cawemo

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