Modeling, as far as you can see

A while ago we launched a redesign of Cawemo and introduced the breadcrumb navigation among other features. Today, we shipped the next iteration of this redesign.

Full-width BPMN modeling

BPMN diagrams typically get very wide once you dig into the details of a process. In order to provide you with as much space as you can get, we removed all borders around the drawing canvas. This way, you can make use of all the pixels that your browser window offers.


Sortable project list

In your home screen of cawemo, you will now find one list of all your projects. You can easily sort the list by any column, e.g. by the owner of the project or the amount of diagrams in each project. We also made the list more condensed such that you can see more projects at once.


Manage your collaborators

When opening one of your projects, you will now find the list of collaborators on the right hand side. This way, your diagrams come first, which is why you are using Cawemo in the first place. To manage the collaborators of your projects, you will still find the three access levels: edit, comment, or view-only access.


As usual, we’re always looking forward to hearing from you!
Please leave us a comment below or use the feedback link within Cawemo to get in touch with us.