Meet the team behind Cawemo!

In all aspects of your life, you’ve always worked on teams – whether your definition of a team is co-parenting with your spouse, working on a project with co-workers, or travelling the world with some friends. You’re constantly communicating, learning and building something memorable together.


And our goal with Cawemo is to provide you with a tool to build better workflows together, as a team.


“Process modeling tools can appear scary and convoluted to people either new to process management or using a tool for the first time. I hope that through Cawemo we are able to empower our users to focus on improving processes through modeling and collaborating with others, and not get bogged down by learning complicated features that may not be necessary for their specific tasks.” (Asia, UX Designer)


On the journey to build a better collaborative workflow tool, we’ve experienced some ups and downs. But it’s been worth it to make work flow ;). And it doesn’t stop here, we’ll continue to grow and innovate so that even our grandmas will understand the concept of a workflow and the conversation would go a little something like this according to our DevOps Engineer, Andrea…


“Listen grandma… do you remember when you prepared homemade lasagna? It’s basically the same thing, but instead of writing the recipe on a piece of paper you can simply have a look at the whole process online (and even share it with your fellow grannies). 


After that there will be probably a whole discussion about what ‘online’ means and what ‘the internet’ is… but that’s another story :)”


So who is the team that created Cawemo and is working towards the goal of making workflows intuitive for everyone!? Put yourself in their shoes and find out what they do, what motivates them, what they hope to achieve and much more.

Catalina, Software Engineer


What do you do?

I don’t have one of those boring jobs where you do the same stuff all day long, I really enjoy what I do. I’m constantly learning while writing code or reviewing my colleagues code. I never know what’s coming up next and that’s really exciting. Most of the time I need to do new things which require research and brainstorming and in the end I solve new issues which is really rewarding and makes me happy :).

What do you hope Cawemo will achieve? 

I hope more and more people will start using it and see it as a valuable tool. I hope they will eventually become addicted to it so that Cawemo will end up being like a mini-Facebook for workflows.

Linus, Application Developer


What do you do? I work together with my teammates on frontend and backend features and their tests, improving UX and investigating current and coming technologies.

What has been the most rewarding part of the Cawemo journey so far? Getting feedback from users we did not know before.

Christian, DevOps Engineer


What do you do? Together with my colleague Andrea I’m responsible for setting up and maintaining the infrastructure that Cawemo runs on. The part I most like is having the opportunity to come up with new solutions to make Cawemo more robust and to address needs of the developers.

What do you hope Cawemo will achieve? I hope that Cawemo will someday be a platform that fosters easy collaboration between people and helps them improve their daily tasks.

Vlad, Software Developer


What do you do? I create pretty user interfaces, build functional backend servers and scalable infrastructure. Also, I help others solve problems and advise on possible solutions. I like to do it all :).

What can you do through a workflow? Writing down things enables us to critically look into any kind of scenario. The same goes with workflows – once written down, it’s much easier to improve on it and extrapolate constructive critique.

Roxy, Product Marketing Manager


What do you do? I am responsible for knowing our market and communicating Cawemo. As a Product Marketing Manager, I build a bridge between the Marketing and the Product team and lead projects that involve both topics.


What do you hope Cawemo will achieve? With Cawemo we are all working together on making it possible for anyone to improve their work. I hope that one day everyone who has to complete a task will be able to find the best way to reach their goal using Cawemo. Workflow design is such a powerful technique for tackling problems – everyone should be comfortable using it! I hope that we will be the ice breaker for people to start designing workflows!

Andrea, DevOps Engineer


What do you do? Together with Christian we maintain the server infrastructure that hosts Cawemo. We make sure that the website is working and our users are enjoying a fast and flawless experience :).


What has been the most rewarding part of your Cawemo journey so far? Being part of a small team makes your contributions more valuable and that is extremely rewarding for me.

Seeing that what I am doing can have such a big impact makes me more responsible and aware of the results of my work.

Jelmen, Backend Developer


What do you do? I am developing the backend side of the software which means I mainly write bug fixes and new features in Java. I love to see how the Cawemo features continue to develop and grow.


What do your co-workers value you for? I am a nerf gun battle fan :).

Omar, Open Source Backend Developer


What do you do? I develop the backend part of Cawemo, our awesome web modeler! My favorite part of the job is the people and the collaborative atmosphere in Camunda.

What do you hope Cawemo will achieve? To transform the relationship people have with BPMN. From not knowing what it is to actually using it.

Asia, UX Designer


What do you do? I am the very fortunate UX designer tasked with ensuring our app is tailored to our users and helps them achieve and even surpass their business process modelling goals. My favourite aspect of my job is solving problems. Thinking how best to present the content and functionality in the application to suit the users and where to sneak in delightful details to make our users smile.

What do your co-workers value you for? I seem to be a very easy nerf gun target. Shooting me in my beautiful concentrated face seems to give my team a lot of pleasure. Perhaps this is something I should worry about. Hmmm…

Patrick, Javascript Frontend Developer


What do you do? I am working on the frontend part of Cawemo which means developing and improving the user interface and making all interactions run smoothly in the browser. Like all of my team members, I help our users if they have questions. It’s a team effort! My favourite part is the challenge is to constantly solve changing problems with code.

What is a cool feature Cawemo has that other platforms don’t? I really like the cutting-edge frontend technology Cawemo is based on.

Kristin, Software Developer


What do you do? I implement a process application for internal usage. It makes me happy to build applications which are used by other people and makes their life easier.

What do you hope Cawemo will achieve? I hope Cawemo will be the best and most favored modeling platform in the BPM world.

Philipp, Software Developer


What do you do? Working on the modeling toolkit that underlies Cawemo. I’m passionate about building tools that just work and let you have a great experience.

How would you explain the concept of a workflow to your grandma?  It’s like the recipe you use when you want to make a cheesecake. You always do it the same way following a number of steps.

So now that you’ve gotten a glimpse into our teams’ world, we hope you start using Cawemo to collaborate on projects with your team – sign up today!

Darya Niknamian

Content Marketing Manager at Camunda

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