A Sneak peek of Improvements coming to Cawemo

At Cawemo our mission is to build an open space for everyone to improve their workflows together. Our goal is to make designing, organising and collaborating on your process models simple and intuitive.  We have spent the last few months working hard to make improvements based on your, much appreciated, feedback.

With some great ideas in the pipeline and some research strategies in place we are eager to see how the new release is welcomed by you.
We are committed to keep learning, improving and tailoring our application to support you in reaching your goals. That’s how we roll!

Below you can catch a glimpse of the upcoming improvements before we roll out the new and shiny Cawemo at the end of October.


A new interface

One of the first things you will notice is the new look and feel. These changes aren’t just cosmetic. Our primary goal is to develop an application architecture that will benefit you and the way you work and collaborate on business processes.


Home: A focused approach to process modelling and collaboration

Logging in to your account will take you to your new ‘Home’ page.

In the first release, you will see recently active diagrams. ‘Recently active’ diagrams are ones with additional comments or edits authored by you or your collaborators. This way you can work efficiently and see exactly what requires your input.

We have a lot of great ideas forfurther functionality in this area and are as always eager to hear your ideas and feedback.


Projects: Grouping and sharing your diagrams

No business process is an island. Ok, maybe that’s the wrong metaphor. It takes a village…I’ll stop.
We know that modelling processes is not a one woman (or man) job. We want to empower you to easily engage your colleagues, design, edit and hold discussions, throughout the lifetime of your process.

To give you the best collaborating experience we have refined the method of sharing diagrams.



To support an organised workflow we have created ‘Projects’.

Projects can group one or more process diagrams. Diagrams grouped within projects can then shared with your collaborators. When a collaborator occupies a seat within your account, you are able to share any number of projects with that person.


Creating diagrams and projects

Create diagrams either by dragging and dropping .bpmn files directly onto the drafts page. Or by clicking ‘Create’ in the side navigation.

To create a new project, simply select one or more diagrams from your drafts page and select ‘add to’ then add to an existing project or create a new one right from the menu.


You can also create a new diagram or project any time from the ‘Create’ button in the navigation menu on the left.



Modelling interface

We aim to optimise your workflow and make your process design experience an efficient and hopefully delightful one. In order to refine the modelling interface, we have made some improvements.



You can now clearly see the border of the artboard, your workspace. Zoom controls and an explicit zoom percentage indicator has been added to inform you of your…well, zoom percentage. You don’t want those hard grafted process models sneaking away.


Under the ‘Help’ button on the top right of your artboard, you can view several helpful links. We have an improved walk through that quickly takes you through the primary elements of the modeller and gets you started. View a list of keyboard shortcuts to support even faster modelling. Because who doesn’t feel mega cool when their shortcut game is top notch?!? You can also visit our guides page and learn best approaches to modelling.

Our process design tool will continue to evolve as we respond to feedback as well as continue our testing, prototyping and (buzzword) innovating.




Drafts: Safe space for preliminary design

Elegant process models do not appear fully formed like Aphrodite from the sea foam. There are drafts, amendments, mistakes and re-workings. We wanted to give you a ‘safe space’ to create and improve your diagrams.



Once you are ready to share your masterpiece with your colleagues you can simply click the checkbox that appears when you hover over a diagram. This will instigate the bulk selection contextual menu and allow you add your diagram to a sharable project. You can then add collaborators and the real work begins.



Upgrade: Adding collaborators to your account

To get you started we have added two free seats to every account. This means you can create as many projects as your heart desires and share them with your two ultimate colleagues. Together you can design, discuss and model great processes.
If you wish to add more collaborators, simply navigate to your upgrade page where you can add and pay for seats.



When selecting a number of seats, you will be shown the exact bill and then taken to our secure payments manager Chargebee’ to complete your transaction.



Manage users: Adding and removing from shared projects

We want to create a culture of collaboration within Cawemo. You can invite collaborators to your own projects as well as projects shared with you. Collaborators can be invited or removed from within individual projects to give you complete control over who is privy to your process diagrams.

You can also manage what users see from within the Upgrade/Billing page. Here you can see all the projects the users are invited to, as well as the status of their invitations.



We would love to hear your thoughts on the new release, as well as any suggestions you have for our app.
Contact us via the feedback button in the current version of Cawemo.


Thanks for reading, and happy modelling!

20 thoughts on “A Sneak peek of Improvements coming to Cawemo

  1. Hi Thuy Le, at this point, coloring elements are not in our pipeline.
    As some of our users are requesting this feature we might still consider adding it in the future.
    This, however, would probably not be before next year. – best Roxy

  2. Thank you so much for the positive feedback – it makes our day! We’ll keep trying our best at being fast 🙂 – Roxy

  3. Hi Yachun, after placing a task on the modeling canvas you can select the wrench symbol to see the task properties. – Best Roxy

  4. Hi, I’ve just discovered your product and the current version is great, the updates look amazing. Can you tell me how you export the model to an image so it can be printed?

  5. Hi Rob

    Sorry for the late response.
    In the current version of Cawemo, click into your team, you will find your diagrams and a section with a plus. Click this to create a new diagram.

    For a quicker response please use the feedback button in the application.
    It is the small question mark in the bottom right corner.


  6. Hi Robert

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Thank you for your positive feedback! We are very excited about the update.
    In the current version of Cawemo you can export from the diagram page by clicking the pink share link.
    Selecting the ‘more options’ text link will enable you to export your diagram as an image which you can then print.

    For a more speedy response get in touch via the feedback button in the bottom right of the app.

    Thanks again for your great comments!
    Cawemo team

  7. Oli!

    Thank you for your comment!
    Very pleased you like our products. Just wait until our upcoming Cawemo release!

    Cawemo team

  8. Hi Thuy Le,

    You can check out the new version of Cawemo. We’ve just released yesterday.
    Feel free to leave us more feedback using the feedback button from the website.

    Kind Regards,
    Catalina – Cawemo Team

  9. Hi Val!
    Yey, I’m glad you are enjoying Cawemo.

    Currently we are focusing on providing the best BPMN modelling experience.
    At present we don’t have plans to support other modelling languages unfortunately.

    Stay in touch and let us know what you think about the product as you continue to use it. We would love to hear your feedback.

    Cawemo Team

  10. Hi,

    Please tell me if you have in mind to add – edit text capabilities ( font , size , change colours)

    Thank you,

  11. Hi Andreea

    Thank you for your feedback! To make sure we understand your request correctly: with “edit text option – to be able to change the font , size , colours” you mean to have a rich text editor?

    In which area of the application would you like to see that editor?
    What kind of text would you like to edit with the editor? Or in other words: what would be the nature of the text you would like to edit?
    Thank you for using Cawemo!

    Team Cawemo

  12. I discovered Cawemo today and it over-exceeds many other product for using BPMN!
    However I am missing important formatting features such as colorizing and making activity fields wider.

    Is there any chance to use that soon as those requests have already been asked for in Q3/2017?

    Thank you for your excellent work!

  13. Hi Uwe
    Thank you for your positive feedback.
    Colouring elements is high up on our priorities list.

    As for your request for wider activity fields, do you mean you would like to input more text?

    The BPMN standard suggests:
    “When naming tasks, it’s best to adhere to the object-orientated design principle of using the [verb] + [object] pattern.
    We would say “acquire groceries,” for example, not “First take care of the shopping for groceries”

    If you wish to add a wordier description to your tasks, add this using the annotation tool! (This can be selected from the toolbar)

    Hopefully, that helps.

    Thank you
    Cawemo team.

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