🎉Collaborator Project Permissions 🎉

Assign different levels of collaborator access to projects

It is now possible to invite collaborators and give them access to your diagrams reflecting their desired input.

You may simply want to invite a user to view the diagram, but not the comments or other collaborators.  Alternatively you would like their comments on your workflow, but not enable changes on the diagram itself.  If you want to communicate your high regard of a trusted colleague, you can bestow upon them full edit access.  👑




What do the permission levels mean?

Can Edit:

This is the default access level to all your current collaborators.

• Edit diagrams
• Add comments
• Invite collaborators and set their permissions
• Create new diagrams in your project


Can Comment:

• Comment on diagrams
• Mention collaborators directly in comments
• View collaborators in the project


Can View:

• View diagrams in the project only, not comments or collaborators



What is the default permission?

Your existing collaborators will have the Can Edit permission assigned to them automatically.
You can change this at any time.




How can I add or edit permissions?

New collaborators
In the invite dialogue, select the permission level via the dropdown next to the email input.



Existing collaborators
Hover over a collaborators name in the project to select their permission level in the dropdown.



Projects by collaborator
To change a collaborator’s permissions for multiple projects, select ‘Manage’ in the billing page.  The resulting dialogue lists all the projects for a given collaborator.



Who can see the permission levels of other collaborators?

• Edit and Comment level collaborators can view others in the project, but not their permission levels

• View level permissions are not able to see any other collaborators in the project


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