Join the conversation with new collaboration features (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

• Mention collaborators by name
• Global and element specific comments
• Annotation for symbols
• Full screen modelling canvas

Good collaboration is central to building great processes
We’re constantly improving Cawemo to give you features that help you streamline your process and get input from your teammates and clients.


User mentions

Make sure your collaborators are informed of comments requiring their attention.

When adding a comment, type the @ symbol and select the desired user form the list.
They will receive an email informing them of your comment.


Comments which mention you directly are highlighted so you can easily spot them in the comments list.

Remember, in order to mention users, you must invite them to collaborate on your project first!


Live updates

New comments will be updated directly in your browser, no need to refresh.
You will always have the most up to date conversation in view.

Global and element specific comments

Global comments

Use global comments to describe goals, process context or give background information.
These comments are always displayed in the sidebar which can be collapsed (by clicking the comments button) when you need a distraction free modelling environment.



Element Specific comments

In large processes it can be difficult to understand which element is under discussion.
Comments can be added directly to the element. These comments will also be shown in the comment sidebar.

Elements with associated comments will display a comment icon.


Annotation for symbols

We have received feedback which suggests users wish to input larger amounts of text into the element title field.

A great book on building BPMN processes states;

When naming tasks, it’s best to adhere to the object-oriented design principle of using the

[verb] + [object]

pattern. We would say “acquire groceries,” for example, not “First take care of the shopping for groceries”

Real-Life BPMN: With introductions to CMMN and DMN 3rd Edition
by Jakob Freund,‎ Bernd Rücker.


If you wish to add more details about a particular element, try the text annotation tool.
Any object can be associated with a text annotation to provide additional information.



Full screen mode

Want to get in the modelling zone with no distractions? Put on your favorite Dolly Parton album and hit full screen mode.
Comments are still accessible and can also be hidden if presenting a model to your team or client.

Minimise the sidebar!

The navigation sidebar can also minimised to create more space for modelling.
To minimise the sidebar click the arrow that appears when you move your cursor over the central section of the sidebar.

Thanks to your feedback..

We’re constantly working to improve Cawemo to help you reach your goals.
Your feedback is central to our mission.


Let us know what you think about the updates and any suggestions!

Comment below or use our in app feedback button!!!

4 thoughts on “Join the conversation with new collaboration features (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

  1. Hi Roman

    Thanks for your continued support!
    We would love to hear your thoughts on any current or desired features. You can contact us directly via the in-app feedback button.

    Happy modelling!

  2. Hi Kim

    Yes, there is a redo shortcut.

    On Mac;
    ⌘ + ⇧ + Z

    On PC;

    You can find a list of shortcuts under the help menu in the top right of the modeller screen!
    Thanks for reaching out and don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions.

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